Odin‘s raven, thought and memory.

HUGIN and MUNIN are the ravens of Odin, father of gods. Norse mythology tells that every morning Odin sent those ravens out into the world. They returned the next morning and sat on Odin’s shoulders to tell him what they’d seen and heard.

Petra Stelzmüller takes up the story of Odin’s ravens and reinterprets it with her premium-quality design objects HUGIN and MUNIN:
„Every day you have hundreds of thoughts and are accompanied by a thousand of memories. With HUGIN those thoughts rest on your shoulder, and MUNIN ties them to the ribbon of your memories. And like in the icelandic saga the ravens fly out daily to tell the news, with HUGIN and MUNIN your senses will be enriched in yet unknown ways.“
HUGIN and MUNIN are ideal for creative open-minded people, who not only love to get inspired but also appreciate inventive design from Austria.
photos@ Ludwig Rusch/ Sabine Hauswirth/ Petra Stelzmüller