insect house hotel modern austria design


Austere geometry and a black rectangular pattern filled with the primary colours red, blue and yellow are characteristic for the art of dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944).

Petra Stelzmüller, designer of the daily life, is asking herself:
Can one make more of a rectangle than just a rectangle?
Yes, Mondrian can
Can one live inside art?
Yes, one can.
Can one design an appealing insect hotel?
Yes, I can.

Why shouldn’t nature’s most important beneficial animals live chic?

Thinking beyond Mondrian’s designs of horizontal and vertical lines the first sketch of the insect-hotel turned out as the relation of a rectangle to a rectangle within a rectangle. I have reduced the primary colours used by Mondrian to the accentuation of red and black with the surface of the various fillings now yellow, blue and white.
Inspired by the movie „Being John Malkovich“ we humans turn to be – but from outside - spectators of the hustle and bustle of insect life. By dwelling in the LIVING INSIDE MONDRIAN-insect-hotel insects enjoy the luxury of living in a piece of art that has been transferred into threedimensionality. A design-object for nature-lovers with a taste for quality and style.

Would Mondrian move in with himself now?

Would John Malkovich now rather be an insect than always just himself?


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