Leder Anhänger Tier

Companion in the daily routine

The talisman can either be a charm, a memento or simply a loyal companion. Like their big brothers HUGIN & MUNIN the small black leathern ravens have the ability to gently hold on to ideas and thoughts emerging within a day’s routine. As „a knot in the handkerchief“ they preserve precious thoughts and gently but firmly remind of their realization. The enclosed premium-quality aromatic oil helps remembering beauty.

Time and again Petra Stelzmüller was asked if HUGIN and MUNIN would not be available in a smaller scale to be taken with you. The ravenblack untreated pure-aniline-leather seemed to her fit a material for a robust yet elegant companion in the daily routine. A special way of punching gives the TALISMAN HUGIN MUNIN his explicit shape. The leather’s exceptional absorbency gave the idea to enrich the tag with doTERRA-fragrance-oil. As is well known fragrances help commemorating.

The TALISMAN HUGIN MUNIN is an exquisite fashion-statement with philosophical background. Which souvenir is there to tell the remarkable story of Odin’s ravens?!
Show style and make a present of one of these unique premium-quality items to people you care for.