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Petra Stelzmüller
14. November 2019
Graz Tasche Logo
Graz Tasche Logo
Graz Tasche Logo
Graz Tasche Logo
Graz Tasche Logo
Graz Tasche Logo

Conceptual idea
The initial situation was the Creative Industries Styria CIS’ open design contest of „designing a shopping bag“ for the shops of the inner city of Graz.
The business initiative „Echt Graz“ wanted to set a signal clearly pointing to the UNESCO City of Design Graz. By means of an extraverted common sales action individual enterprises should be vitalized.
Premium design quality suitable for the mass should serve as an independent embassador for the Echt Graz initiative while emphasizing cooperative businesses. The bag’s format was free to choose; sustainable and environment-sparing production was obligatory.

Following ideas preceded my design:
I dealt with size first and after some research found out, that bags capable of holding A4 format were used the most. It was supposed to be a washable certified cotton bag with a print accordingly, produced in a neutral colour which would be black. To locate the bag, I used the word Graz itself, but hid it behind white lines in order to draw attention to the now crossed-out word „Graz“ — meanwhile the BIG PLAYER. The logo Echt Graz, that had to be on the bag, was integrated playfully.
The designed shopping-bag goes well with all colours, can be regarded as a counterpart when combined with elegant dressing and is as welcome at noble events as in everyday life.