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Fächer Wien kaufen
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Fächer Wien kaufen

Invitation for a summer flirt

The exclusive summer-fan Air de Vienne® quotes two historic and traditional crafts in a remarkable way. The old Viennese petit point embroidery is „stitched“ anew via modern pixel-print. On premium-quality cloth Ikebana, the japanese art of arranging flowers, unfolds literal vivid bloomage.

Petra Stelzmüller declares the fan as an accessory for hot summer days to be a piece of artisan craftwork. As an ever fresh flower bouquet it pleases the eye of the beholder, refreshes heated up skin and – if requested – also delivers secret love messages. An instruction introduces to the „secret language of the fan“. A pale pink organza-sachet serves the summer-fan as a protective covering.
The summer-fan Air de Vienne® is a special accessory for fashionistas with style and gallants wanting to present more than just a floral summer salute – invitation to flirt included.
® registered word and design mark