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Stoffhase Geschenk Kissen
produktion material herstellung
Lederhase Geschenk Kissen
Lederhase Geschenk Kissen
produktion material herstellung
produktion material herstellung
genuine leather gift cushion
Rabbit Cushion gift cushion

The MOUPIN Pika,  [ mu:pin ]

The Moupin Pikas, or Ochotona thibetana, are cute mammals with their home in the Himalayas and the Tibetan Highland. They communicate by high-pitched whistles. Their habitat are semi-deserts up to 6000 metres above sea level. Low oxygen level and the cold result in the Moupin Pikas having a high warmth-producing metabolism.

Petra Stelzmüllers cuddlesome Moupin Pikas are (heart-) warming, too, and given as a present have a good chance of becoming favourite pet.

Original Moupin Rabbit Cushion – best enjoyed on a comfortable sofa along with a good movie, e. g. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.