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Stillleben Österreich Malerei
Stillleben Österreich Malerei
Malerin Wien Österreich
Malerin Wien Österreich
Malerin Wien Österreich
Koi Fische malen
Petra Stelzmueller Design
 Petra Stelzmueller

Already in her school days Petra Stelzmüller´s interest in painting was distinct. And despite her decision to study architecture and her employment in various architect’s offices, she developed an interest in graphics and design and in attending courses led by Stefan Nützel and Andrew Judd inevitably found back
to painting.

The way she lives and the things she does are guided by the constant interest in trying out something new, so no wonder that also in her painting it is not a single style or genre she wants to limit herself to.
For Petra Stelzmüller it is most important to create connections and cross-connections in particular in order to enrich day-to-day life and playfully turn it into something well worth enjoying.
The blaze of color and the power of her imagery speak for themselves.

Permanently learning and practicing new creative techniques, like Ikebana or Origami, in addition to a true interest in always working with different materials like plastics, textiles or paper has a clear and refreshing influence on her painting, so that the beholders always need to get ready for a surprise.

photos@ Erich Reismann, Max Gauss