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Insecthotel small Petra Stelzmueller modern different design filling


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  • frame: spruce wood, glued/ screwed/ black painted (natural colour AURO)
  • back and side walls are closed
  • distant basis
  • weather condition protection: dark sheet covering
  • fillings fe: straw/ branches/ wood shavings/ spruce cone/ shipped bark
  • black net
  • delivery time appr. 4 weeks
  • unique pieces!
  •  100% Design from Austria!
  • made in Austria!


Spruce that was diligently measured and cut by a carpenter is bolted and glued together according to plans by Petra Stelzmüller. The still „naked“ hotel is painted twice with black natural colour and thoroughly dried for days while being vented. The 18 work steps – sawing, cutting, screwing, glueing, painting, filling … – need a lot of love for detail in order to provide insects with a unique home while still sticking with the design interpreting Mondrian’s horizontal and vertical lines. 30 parts find their precise place in the Insect Hotel.
Here is the story of LIVING INSIDE MONDRIAN
– unique pieces!
– 100% Design from Austria!
made in Austria!


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 52 × 50 × 11 cm


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