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Dr. Clemens Wawra, Susi Lenz:

„For a long time we had been thinking about a modern colour scheme for our attic’s corridor area. For us it was important to have a positive contrast to the given Gründerzeit-house without harming the character of this old building’s structure. Miss Stelzmüller seemed to be the perfect choice for us as she has years of experience as an architect and also is a self-employed artist. She perfectly executed style and colour scheme while respecting the whole building’s appearance. When it came to conception and colour we just let her do her own thing. The result, as expected, is remarkable. In spite the given colour scheme the balance between old and new has been preserved and is admired by all our guests. Not only am I thankful for the great execution but also looking forward to future projects.”

Arch DI Petra Stelzmüller:
colour design stairway

photos @ Petra Stelzmüller