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shirt women gandhi veränderung zitat
shirt women gandhi veränderung zitat
shirt women
3 women shirt - Petra Stelzmüller

Every woman has more than just one face. In our personalities we combine many facets. Some of them obvious, some only revealed little by little. Empress Sisi, Simone de Beauvoir and Frida Kahlo were strong women, who put a lasting mark on their generations. „Be the change that you wish to see in the world “, as Mahatma Gandhi said, therefore serves as a principle to actively arrange our life.

In this subject Petra Stelzmüller combines the characteristics of three women. She flirts with ideals of beauty like african face-paintings and the tradition of women to cover their heads – inspired by the Tuareg wire-wrap technique. For that this Berber tribe uses Aleschu, an expensive piece of cloth that has been indigo dyed and consists of many panels elaborately sewn together.

The 3 WOMEN SHIRT is a statement-shirt for women, who live their lifes self-consciously, who take their concerns in their own hands and who on top of that show taste and style.