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Koi Fische malen
Koi Fische malen
Koi Fische malen
Koi Fische malen

JAPAN in the kitchen & in daily life
KOI Fish
 are a carp breed. Home of the Nishikigoi, the literal translation being brocade carp, is Japan. There the insect eaters are bred as edible fish, and at the end of the 18th century were also kept as status symbols by the peers. Their blaze of colour makes them a special feast for the eyes.

As a passionate diver Petra Stelzmüller has already encountered KOI fish at eye level. The abysmal depth of the sea and the weightless gliding of its inhabitants is simply mesmerizing.

6 years ago and along the design-process Petra Stelzmüller painted an oil (100*70 cm), reinterpreting the KOI-subject, giving the fish special colour force and dynamics and staging all perfectly in front of a deep purple background.

The classy chef’s apron with multicoloured straps, the cutting board for sushi, maki and other preparations as well as the t-shirts made of bio-cotton are stylish ingredients for Japan-devotees and people with exquisite taste. And for the young KOI-enthusiasts there is the children’s-shirt.
photos@ Erich Reismann